Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Market Review 2016 Q4

Donald Trump is inheriting one of the strongest economies that has been handed to a new President in recent history (based on 3Q GDP). Since the 1970s, only George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter assumed the office with higher GDP growth rates.

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Market Review 2016 Q3

Investor angst over the unexpected vote on Brexit was short-lived with a “risk-on” theme returning to the markets in July and leading to stock market highs for the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 in August. Highly unusual election antics and continued geopolitical concerns on a number of fronts did not dampen investors’ risk appetite or their quest for yield.

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Market Review 2016 Q2

The 2nd quarter was reasonably uneventful and markets were relatively placid until June 23rd, when British voters narrowly approved the Brexit referendum. Investor complacency was replaced with shock, and markets reacted fiercely. Volatility spiked, global bond yields fell sharply, the pound hit a 31-year low with a record intra-day swing of more than 10%, stock markets plunged, and gold surged.

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