Goal: Maximizing the value of your plan to employees while streamlining administration and making plan more cost effective.

Many defined benefit plans are administered on an unbundled basis-many different provider performing different services. This may or may not be the best solution for your plan. We objectively work with you to find out if bundled, semi bundled or fully bundled is the best solution for your plan administration based on your goals.

Here are areas of focus that Asset Strategy Retirement Plan Consultants can provide to your hospital or corporation:

Defined Benefit Plan Design & Consulting

Our professional consultative approach to working with plan sponsors leads to a partnership that allows for the best possible plan design, financial impact and employee appreciation. We work with you to ensure that objectives are clear and results are maximized. Asset Strategy Retirement Plan Consultants embodies the expertise to manage the following challenges:

At Asset Strategy Retirement Plan Consultants, we can help you with achieving the goals that you have for your defined benefit plan. Put our experience and expertise to work for your organization.