Retirement Services

What are some of the concerns that plan sponsors have today regarding the operation of their retirement plan(s)?

At Asset Strategy Retirement Plan Consultants, each of our consultants has more than 20 years experience with providing retirement solutions to plan sponsors. We are an independent Registered Investment Advisory and pension consulting firm serving the corporate and healthcare community. We provide Inspired Retirement Solutions based on your goals and concerns.

Defined Benefit Plans – Many plan sponsors today would like to terminate,but that is not economically feasible. We work with you and your/our actuaries to provide stochastic forecasting to help get the plan where it needs to be on a fully funded basis. Reducing fixed costs substantially and improving administration are parts of the total solution while the plan is being fully funded.

Defined contribution plans – Many employees are not going to be able to retire when they would like because of low accumulations, and current education is not getting the job done. As a plan sponsor you may be concerned with this as well as investment related expenses.

Here are some questions that may be applicable to your organization: